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There Are Not Enough Homes For Sale

Many homeowners weathered the storm of the housing market crash a few years ago. Things have improved dramatically, but sellers seem to still be hesitant to list their home. If you’ve been waiting for the market to recover before selling your home – wait no longer! Seriously, there are buyers ATTACKING houses for sale as soon as they hit the market (especially good homes that are priced right). It’s a virtual feeding frenzy! Pending contracts are up. New home sales are up. Builders & developers are scrambling together crews to fill the demand of all the buyers who don’t...

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Less Cash Buyers for Homes

Cash sales seemed almost standard a few years ago. In 2011 over 40% of sales were to cash buyers! Many of these sales were to investors looking to buy & hold rental property or fix & flip it. Being an agent and investor I can tell you in 2011 it was hard to NOT get a good deal on a house.. some were almost unbelievable. Today, cash buyers for homes is down closer to 25% – which is about where it was in 2000. These days it’s harder to find deals for fixing & flipping or holding as rentals. The...

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Small Biz Saturday: Findley's Butcher Shop Cartersville GA

Happy Independence Day America! Lots of us will be cooking out this weekend to celebrate the 4th of July, so I’m tying this week’s #smallbizsaturday post into the cookout theme. A lot of the meat in the pictures I share on the #foodiefriday blog posts come from Findley’s Butcher Shop Cartersville GA. These folks really know their meats & only have the best – including free range chicken, grass fed beef, wide variety of frozen seafood, hot dogs, smoked sausages & prepared foods made by their in house chef along with many other items. They also process deer during hunting season. If you...

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Chase and Tim McGraw Gives Homes to Veterans

How great is this!? Chase & Tim McGraw Gives Homes to Veterans They’ve given 6 mortgage-free homes to veterans already this year. That is fantastic, but what is even more impressive is that Tim plans to give 30 more homes to veterans through the rest of his “Shotgun Rider 2015” tour. This is making headlines today, but this isn’t something that just started. In fact, more than 100 veterans have received homes from Chase, McGraw & Operation Homefront since 2012. Read the Original Article Here: Tim McGraw partners with Chase to give homes to veterans You can learn more about Operation Homefront...

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Want to Sell a House Fast?

For years I’ve used “SELL your house..FAST!” as a tag line for my house buying business. While in many cases that’s still the quickest way to sell, listing a home (at the right price) is not lagging too far behind these days. In May 45% of homes sold in LESS THAN A MONTH! Georgia is averaging 31-45 days on market (DOM), but I can tell you if you have a good home you’re looking to sell a house fast in Cartersville or the surrounding area it’ll likely fly off the shelf. And if that’s the case – give me a call and let’s...

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