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Do You Really Want to Be a Landlord? Part 1 of 3: TIME

Ahhh.. the life of a real estate investor. You’ve seen the infomercials.. Sipping umbrella drinks by the pool.. Vacations every month.. Nice new cars.. Big checks constantly streaming in.. No worries.. Right? Wrong. This may be how some well established investors live. However, this is normally not the case for most mom and pop landlords. Yet the informercials on late night TV present real estate as a magic pill that gives us money and a good life. Don’t get me wrong.. real estate CAN help you get plenty of money and a great life, BUT.. Building a real estate investing business to that level requires...

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Home Values Higher Than Ever in Quarter of US Housing Markets

Home Values Higher Than Ever.. A couple of years ago it would be hard to imagine that being said anytime in the foreseeable future. Yet, the housing market has been steadily recovering. In Atlanta, home values are just 6.6% below their peak historical value. We’re seeing prices continue to rise – in some part due to lack of inventory. I showed two homes last night.. one of them just hit the market and already had two strong offers. The other also had an offer submitted and hasn’t been on the market too long. If you’re even considering selling give me...

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More Americans Headed South for Homes

Sweet tea, downtown community events on the square, Southern hospitality, BBQ, rich history and beautiful scenery.. that’s the South! We also have great weather, homes that are affordable, decent taxes and much less congestion than big cities up North.. What’s NOT to love about the South? OK.. I could go without some of the humidity, but it’s a small price to pay to live here. Our Northern neighbors are really taking note of all the reasons we love where we live. A new report by RealtyTrac mentions More Americans Headed South for Homes calling it “The Next Great Migration...

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14 Most Popular Paint Colors

One of things that differentiates me from most other agents is I also fix up and sell houses. Part of getting a house ready to be put on the market – whether it’s mine or a client’s – is picking the right paint color to really draw in buyers (and offers!) We’ve almost exclusively used Sherwin Williams Nomadic Desert (SW6107) on rehabbed homes in the past.. along with several of our real estate investor friends. However, there has been a shift toward using gray tones instead of beige over the last few years. It’s not a complete shift as many still opt...

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8 Things Your Home Inspector Won't Inspect

When you’re buying a home it’s a very good idea to get a home inspection. It will cost you a few hundred dollars, BUT it can potentially save you from buying a home that has some expensive repairs lurking soon or within a few years. Your inspector will spend several hours going over the house from top to bottom checking outlets, appliances, insulation, plumbing and systems. However, as thorough as many inspectors are, don’t mistake the inspector for a specialist in all things related to a house.. Here are 8 Things Your Home Inspector Won’t Inspect.. * Some home inspectors may notate or...

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