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Rent vs Buy? More Tenants May Be Stuck

As I mentioned in a previous blog post (here) homeownership rates are continuing to fall. This creates an interesting rental market.. tenants are becoming stuck and rental rates are rising. The question is.. rent vs buy? I know first hand that the Cartersville & Calhoun markets are extremely tight on rentals. When someone has a nice rental available there are a LOT of people trying to rent it. Unfortunately most of the nice homes for sale are also attacked as soon as they hit the market. We need more good homes both for sale AND rent in Cartersville & the surrounding...

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Freddie Mac Echos Fannie Mae – Economy is Improving

More Americans feel comfortable taking on mortgage debt these days. Despite this homeownership rates are expected to continue to fall this year. Thinking about your life as well as observing friends, family & co-workers – do you feel the economy is improving? Read the Original Article Here: Freddie agrees with Fannie: The economy is improving If you’ve been thinking about selling your house – let’s talk! Houston Long...

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Oops, I Sent THAT? Recall Gmail Message to the Rescue!

Most people have a gmail account. If you don’t here’s another reason to join the masses.. Have you ever sent an email and immediately regretted it? It could be due to anger, misspelling, leaving someone out, forgetting to attach a file or some other reason. I know I have! Recall Gmail message to the rescue! (OK, it’s technically called Undo Send) While it used to just be available in the Gmail Labs options now it’s built in and adjustable in your settings in various time increments from 0-30 seconds. So.. scan that email one last time right after you send...

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Economy coming back says Fannie Mae

Great news if Fannie Mae is correct – the economy is coming back. Their housing forecast calls for total home sales to increase 5% in 2015. At this time Cartersville, in particular, needs more homes on the market. Buyers are snapping up – and sometimes fighting over – many of the good homes that are priced right as soon as they get listed. What do you think? Is the economy coming back? Read the Original Article Here: Fannie Mae: Economic rebound on the horizon If you’ve been thinking about selling your house – let’s talk!  Houston Long 770-608-7550  ...

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