Hello! My name is Houston and I absolutely LOVE real estate! In 2011, I decided to leave my job in corporate America to focus 100% on real estate AND building a better quality of life for me & my family. Before that, I managed multiple IT organizations for a Fortune 500 company (HP) as well as helped an Australian small business establish a footprint in North America. During that time I also bought, sold & rented real estate.Why do I love real estate so much? It boils down to this..
Real estate involves property, but it is more about PEOPLE & RELATIONSHIPS.
One the the biggest joys I get is connecting people & helping solve their real estate problems – then having them refer someone who is thinking of buying or selling a house.. or just has a question about real estate.
My goal is to always give the BEST service to not just my clients, but ANYONE who contacts me.


  • I LOVE HELPING PEOPLE The driving force behind my business is that we truly love helping people. Our philosophy is summed up best by Zig Ziglar, “You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”
  • PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE Providing the BEST service you’ve ever received is my goal.. not the top 10 or even the top 3. My background is customer service and my goal is to provide the absolute BEST service around.
  • HONEST & STRAIGHTFORWARD Personalities play a big role in real estate. When selling a house you don’t want to deal with any fake or fluff. Deal with us and you’ll get a straight shooting honest agent who will be completely up front with you.
  • COMMUNICATION IS KEY When you sell a home you want someone who will respond and communicate with you. I am committed to helping you sell your home..AND being available to you throughout the process.
  • GREAT SYSTEMS People fail – systems don’t. I’ve carefully crafted systems to make sure nothing drops through the cracks. This helps you throughout your selling process (and beyond.)
  • TECHNOLOGY TO ENHANCE SERVICE Technology does not replace people or process, but we have leveraged technology to greatly enhance the customer experience.
  • VALUING RELATIONSHIPS Over the years I’ve found that while real estate involves property, it’s more about PEOPLE & RELATIONSHIPS. I believe in customers for LIFE and that is exactly how I’ll treat you.
  • HAVING FUN Buying or selling a home is serious business, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! I love getting to know my clients and helping you!
BONUS I’m also an active buyer & seller of real estate for our real estate investing business (not just an agent). This gives you the best of both worlds. I’ve been on both the buyer and seller side personally many times and can view properties objectively for you & give you a major edge with my negotiating skills.
Besides real estate I love spending time with my family and friends as well as cooking (mainly grilling) for them.