The rental market is HOT these days and it can be tough to score a nice home to rent.

I’ve talked with many people who have shared their stories of just missing a property.. or continually losing out to others. I hear the pain in their voice.. after all, they’re not looking for a place to store possessions – they’re looking for their next HOME.

They find something nice, get excited, start envisioning their new life in their new home.. then.. they lose out to another candidate and have to restart the process.

Today, I’ll share my 10 Tenant Tips to Impress Landlords.

If you do these things it will at least improve your chances at getting the property of YOUR choice vs. settling for whatever you happen to get.

  1. PREPARE YOUR RECORDS – First of all, get your info together before you get started looking. Most landlords will need proof of income, rental history with contact numbers and possibly some references. Go ahead and get that together. Have paper copies and scanned as well, if possible, so you can fax, hand over a copy or email easily. You may want to pull a free credit report as well. You can do that here. This is good to review yourself so you can see any problem areas and be prepared in case the landlord pulls credit. It can also allow you to give the landlord a current copy, if you’d like.
  2. SAVE UP – Make sure you have money saved up to cover the initial move, rent, security deposit, etc. Extra tip on this step: if you’re looking at places that are more than you currently pay, be ready to explain how you will handle the increased expense. 
  3. ATTITUDE – When you contact the landlord or property manager be in a good mood. Simple, but effective. Go into this like you would a job interview. Along the same line.. don’t get defensive if they ask you some direct or probing questions
  4. BE RESOURCEFUL – If the rental ad is online or includes a URL for more info – take a look at the details. This saves you from asking questions that have already been answered and shows the landlord that you’re doing your homework on the property. Trust me – this will be appreciated.
  5. BE HONEST – If you’ve had some difficulties with rental history, job changes or anything else – be up front. Good landlords will find out anyway. Many will be understanding and appreciate the honesty. Keep calm & explain how you’ve overcome the challenges.
  6. ASK GOOD QUESTIONS – Make sure you understand the process for applying for and renting the property. If you know it’s the property for you, consider asking the landlord if there is anything you can do to increase your chances of getting it or even how to hold it as the application is being processed.
  7. BE THOROUGH – When you fill out your application be thorough. Complete all the fields (again, don’t leave criminal history blank if you’ve been convicted). If it’s a written application, write legibly. Include all your info from step 1 as well as anything else requested.
  8. GET ‘ER DONE! – Jump on that application! The rental market is hot and nice places don’t stay vacant long at all. Get the application completed & submitted ASAP!
  9. EXTRA INFO – You may want to include an extra page with the application highlighting any additional info on you and how this home is perfect for you. If you’re planning on staying long term – definitely mention that. Try to round up a good landlord reference to include. Another “extra”.. let the landlord know they’re welcome to visit your current home to see that you keep a nice, clean home – this can score major points.
  10. FOLLOW UP – Make a courtesy call to the landlord after submitting your application just to make sure they received everything. Let them know if they need anything else you’ll be happy to get it to them.
  11. BONUS! – Go the extra mile..send a Thank You card out immediately saying you appreciate the opportunity and hope you are able to rent the home at “123 Main St in Cartersville.”

Hope those help! Let me know if you use these and see success. Also, if you have other tips – please share.

P.S. If you’re trying to find homes for rent in Cartersville or the surrounding area check out this page on my website – it has a ton of rental resource links for you!

If I can help you or any one you know with buying, selling or renting a house please keep me in mind.

Houston Long


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